We always remember the story…
A compelling story is at the core of every successful business and every successful person

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“Cinderella And the Coach-

The Power of Storytelling for Coaching Success”


Cinderella and the Coach- The Power of Storytelling for Coaching Success

In this book, Lisa Bloom masterfully weaves some of the most wonderful wisdom tales and personal stories with guidelines to create a transformational Story Coaching business.

This highly innovative and creative approach is a proven method to develop coaching expertise and attract ideal clients; creating life-changing, lasting results for the coach and the client.

“I was already a BIG believer in the power of stories and the impact it can have on building a business and anchoring learning.  After reading this book, Lisa just took my belief to a whole new stratosphere.  I was on the edge of my seat. Who knew learning could be so much fun?! I LOVE this book…it’s not just for coaches, It’s for anyone who is in business.” – Jeanna Gabellini, MasterPeaceCoaching.com

“Cinderella and the Coach is a ‘must read’ for every coach who wants to get life changing, lasting results with clients.  Everything you need to know to achieve a successful, thriving  coaching business and a life of freedom and fulfillment you will find in these masterfully written pages”. – Viki Winterton, Coach and Change Agent to Fortune 100 Companies , Founder Expert Insights Family of Opportunity www.getie.com

It’s all about the story; storytelling has an amazing effect on your life, your business, your success and the great clients you will attract! What are you waiting for?  

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