Do You Dream about Speaking with Confidence, Easily Attracting Amazing Clients and Earning Lots More Money in Your Business?

Do you feel like you’re the best kept secret in your industry, even though you’re really good at what you do and have tons of experience and expertise?

Are you trying to use speaking to grow your business but don’t have a system for getting enough engagements and transforming your audience into paying clients?

Or you’re still searching for the way to say what you mean and have impact and influence on your surroundings in the major areas of your life?

I’m excited to invite you to take inspired, easy action! I want to give you great opportunity, and a simple DONE-FOR-YOU implementation plan… And show you how to create


in this training series!

You may be feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, and even frustrated that you don’t know where to start or how to become as good a speaker as you know you can be…

And if this all sounds familiar and you’re looking for a way that flows, feels joyful (rather than sleazy) and is a lot of fun?


It’s the perfect time to join this NEW TRAINING series!

If you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer or ANY kind of service professional, then you’re in the right place!

I know how many creative, amazing professionals and entrepreneurs are struggling to get their message out so they can get their business or career on track. And how many of you are struggling to create opportunities or make the most of them because you don’t get your voice heard and you are not having the impact you want when you do speak.

It drives me crazy! And I’m here to do something about it! Without a basic but crucial strategy and step by step plan, you’re missing out on tons of opportunities and extra income every month. Most of us can’t afford that.

I’m sure you know that public speaking is one of the biggest fears of all times! I’ve personally met hundreds of people who dread the thought (never mind the act!) of getting up in front of an audience to speak. Or perhaps you’re not bad at speaking but you know you’re not getting the results you need. What you may not realize is, if this is how you feel…it’s affecting everything about your business and your career.

If you’re not excited about the opportunity of speaking in front of people; whether is 2 or 2000, then you’re missing out!

Now I’m not going to try to tell you that you can be Tony Robbins or Oprah overnight! But there is a system, strategy and plan that can get you comfortable, creative and incredibly effective when you speak to people. 

It’s completely do-able and I’m here to show you how! Imagine how cool it would be if you knew that every time you opened your mouth to speak to people you had the ability to engage, motivate and inspire.

Imagine how this would change the reality of your business.

ted_75972812_LargeWorking with Lisa is an inspiring and profound experience. Into our interaction she brought the unique combination of imagination, fantasy and heritage together with a very sensitive and precise insight to personal expression and story, detailed choice of words and presence.  Working on a talk with Lisa is a fun, creative, horizon-broadening experience that for me always results with a talk I am deeply moved and excited to deliver!”- Adital Ela, TEDx Speaker (photo by Ryan Lash)

You don’t have to live with fear and dread of speaking. You can get a system, a plan and become that person you want to be – a person who says what she believes and knows; a person who has an impact on any audience, any size.

You don’t have to be an expert marketer, you don’t have to be social media wizard – you just have to know how to speak in a way that has people not just hear you but be inspired and influenced by you... how does that sound?

“Become an Inspiring Speaker – Using Storytelling for Confidence, Clients and Cash” 

Virtual Training Event

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover – 

confidenceSession #1: Create Confidence 

  • How to authentically integrate your life and business experience (your story) into a marketing message that is compelling and powerfully captures attention, every time!
  • How to find and eliminate the doubts, concerns and self-sabotage that are holding you back and stopping you from finding your voice, living your message and inspiring your audience
  • How to be clear about your niche and know that it is powerful and profitable, so that you can impact the right audience
  • How to look and act the part so that you are comfortable, feel strong and attractive and have immediate impact on your audience
  • How to handle challenging and unexpected resistance and convert your audience to raving fans!
  • How to plan your talk so that you say exactly what you came to say and exactly what the audience wants to hear (that means, have them sign up to your programs and jump at the chance of working with you!)

Done-For-You Bonuses:

Step-by-Step Planning Tool that shows you EXACTLY what to do one month, one week and one day before your talk (so you can eliminate the ‘I’m not ready’ nerves!)Done-for-You detailed checklist for the day of your talk – so you can get on stage with confidence, energy and bursting with enthusiasm!Content checklist, showing you exactly how to win over your audience so you rest assured that you are engaging, delighting and inspiring them!


Session #2: Get More Clients

  • How to figure out exactly what your audience wants and then design a winning presentation that will delight them! 
  • How to stop hoping and wishing that people will ask you for more information after speaking and instead generate huge engagement and serious interest from ideal clients
  • The 3 greatest mistakes people make when speaking that will stop ideal prospects from wanting to work with you
  • How to create a winning mindset that will empower you and your audience so they are inspired and moved to take action and accept your offer
  • How to create an offer that your audience can’t resist!

Done-For-You Bonuses:

Done-for-You checklists of where to find speaking gigs, your ‘ideal audience’ and templates (so you can generate more opportunities to get your voice heard)Step-by-step template of how to create an offer your audience can’t resist!Powerful tracking tool so you have access to hot leads leading to lots more clients!

make_more_cashSession #3: Make More Cash!

  • The 3 easiest ways to leverage your speaking platform to make more money
  • How to create the winning mindset so that you can be clear, feel comfortable and get results to increase your income
  • Powerful tips to create a plan for your income goals, your plan is the first step to ramping up your income creation actions
  • How to generate speaking referrals, powerful testimonials and new channels for lucrative collaborations with like-minded experts
  • How to walk away from your talk with your heart and your pockets full!

Done-For-You Bonuses:

Step by Step Planning Tool for your income explosion from speaking Checklist outlining in detail how to leverage the top income generating streams from speakingTemplate for leveraging possible opportunities for future collaborations, clients and cash

“My voice is my achilles heel and I spent months with a psychologist working on this.  I then discovered your program, and in one coaching intervention, you busted it open, compassionately held my truth and brought about a huge internal shift in consciousness – and in my voice!   I’m so excited to use this breakthrough, combined with your speaking strategies, to speak more confidently, with authority, and propel my business forward.  Thanks so much Lisa.” Claire Porima, Life Coach & Speaker, New Zealand

Is it time for you to create more confidence, more clients and more cash?

This program is right for you ONLY IF:

  • You want to learn and grow and become a great speaker
  • You’re looking for HOW to do this, not just theory and more sales pitches
  • You are committed to being creative and open to new ideas
  • You are ready to roll up your sleeves to learn and apply new techniques
  • You need support to get into action and want to know what actually works
  • You want done-for-you tools and a ready-to-go system
  • You’re ready to enter a whole new world where you have impact and influence!

Here’s exactly what you get when you enroll in this exciting Inspiring Speaker Webinar Program

  • 3 training calls, taught by Lisa Bloom
  • BONUS templates, checklists and very cool tips
  • ONE MONTH of 24/7 email support

I’m SO committed to making this work for you!  I want to give you everything you need to make Speaking a big part of your success story, that’s what this program is all about. And it’s available at one of the lowest prices of any programs I’ve offered.

If you think about it, you have the chance to make a big difference to your business and your income. The first time you speak with confidence and have the impact that I’m talking about on your audience, you’ll get the chance to more than pay back your investment in this program.

So, are you ready to do something new and get more confidence, more clients and more cash?

I promise this course will be WELL worth your time and investment. I can’t wait to help you start creating the impact and influence you want!

So, it’s decision time! You’ve really got nothing to lose and SO much to gain. And there are payment options (you see, I really want to make this easy for you!).

YES! I want to transform the impact I have through Speaking. I understand that I’ll receive… 

    1. 3 Webinars  – delivering lessons, exercises, techniques and specific guidance.
    2. Worksheets, templates and check-lists relating to each of the content calls – this is hugely important so you can implement all the learning on the calls and use these tools whenever you need them
    3. Email support – invaluable! If you have any questions as you work through the materials, Lisa will support your every need by email for one month after your invest in yourself and this program!

Inspiring Speaker Webinar Program

best-deal-button-197 Or Pay in 2 Easy Monthly Payments of $100

AND you can UPGRADE to include the VIP Story Session

This is your chance to work with Lisa in a private VIP Session, for personal, individual support to get your speaking career on track.

  • develop your keynote or signature talk©Magdalena Koziol, +48 606757001,
  • create your strategy plan to get gigs NOW
  • find revenue rich opportunities available to you
Here are the kind of topics we cover in the VIP Story Session:
  • Understand the power of your story & why your story is the missing link for your business success
  • Discovery the key elements and themes of your powerful story that will attract, no magnetize, your ideal client for your speaking event
  • Craft Your Story for Speaking, develop your keynote or signature talk
  • Find Revenue Rich opportunities available to YOU & create a powerful strategy for your inspired speaking events (this Strategy piece by itself is worth triple the investment of this event)

best-deal-button-997 Or Pay in 3 Easy Monthly Payments of $340



Your Story Is Your Success Workbook (Value $147) 

This workbook in an in depth guide to discovering and creating your powerful story so you can apply it to your business.



Done-for-You Worksheets, Templates and Checklists

So, you are ready to implement all the juicy information you have learned on the calls, straight away!  Roll up your sleeves and get down to work!

I do hope you’ll join us!

Best wishes & best stories


P.S. I’ve helped hundreds of people find their story and learn to tell it with passion, impact and ease. They have used these speaking skills to build their business, attract clients and influence everything around them. I can help you get confident speaking too. Register now.